Wood For The Eyes, Know The Different Types!

Wood For The Eyes, Know The Different Types!

Previously, sunglasses were mainly known to be made of steel or plastic. But nowadays,
anything can be in fashion so, why not go for wooden sunglasses?

Types of Wood Used for Eyewear

The wooden sunglasses, like the woodenpie.com products that are ruling the market are mainly made of this these wood species:

1. Engineered Woods: This wood specie is created by splicing a number of other
wood species together. So, you see they are not a single species. They are usually
made by mixing high quality eco-friendly natural woods. This type of wood
species is more interesting than the rest. Examples of few engineered kinds of
wood would be Contemporary Grey, Charcoal Black, and Ebony Light.

2. Fir Burl: This wood specie on our list is one of the rarest and expensive wood
species. However, this specie is new to the market and therefore, very few people
know about it. The wood has a unique texture with a lot of lines and knots on it
which is used to make a beautiful pair of frames.

3. Amboyna Burr: This exotic timber is ideal for making attractive eyewear
because of its tight burr figuration. Just like any other wood species, the grainy
texture will be different from one selection to another, and therefore, each pair of
glasses made out of it will have a unique finish to it.

4. Padauk: This is perhaps the most famous wood species from the land of Africa
but, it is also grown in America and India as well. This exotic wood is particularly
famous for its beautiful deep red color and gives a beautiful glossy touch to the
glasses made out of it.

5. Purple Heart Burr: Originating from Central and South America, this is
worldwide favorite wood species. However, it is not easy species to work with
and requires a lot of lacquering and polishing. The wood has a unique purple
color touch to it which adds the wow factor to the wood. It’s high bending quality
and crushing strength makes it an ideal wood for crafting wooden women sunglasses.

6. Walnut Burr: This species of walnut is considered to be the most beautiful
variety of walnut which is used to make a stunning pair of sunglasses. So, always
go for glasses with a wide frame to show off the exotic burr.

7. Wenge: Found in Africa this wood species is known for its beautiful dark color
which gives it a very dramatic appearance. The wood is commonly used for
artistic purposes, but it also makes an ideal wood for making glasses.

8. Walnut Quarter Cut: Walnut Quarter Cut is characterized by its clean grain
texture and brown appearance. The wood is considered to be a hardwood and is
used for making both outside and inside of the frames.

9. Maple (Quarter Sawn): Canadian Hard Maple which is commonly used for
making musical instruments is quite famous for its strength and flexibility and
therefore, it is used in the middle of our frames.

So, ditch your plastic and steel glasses and go for the wood!

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